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Samsung's Ego is officially announced

The Samsung S0492 Ego
The Samsung S0492 Ego

Samsung has decided that the best thing to do when unveiling a luxury, expensive handset is to call a spade a spade... so please welcome the Samsung S9402 Ego.

Costing around £1,300, this is a dual-SIM enabled mobile phone with a 5MP camera with face recognition and a two inch OLED screen for low-power, high resolution images.

It's also made of a new exotic alloy (which makes us think of something from a Terminator film), but is similar to titanium, although three times stronger and 1.6 times more flexible as well.

High pressure situation

It can also withstand 1.8 times more pressure than standard titanium, has a much lower ability to conduct heat and can even withstand a huge amount of vibration.

We've no idea why this material, developed by the California Institute of Technology, is ideal for a mobile phone, but it's used on the Ego.

Other fun and exclusive things that you're paying a vast amount of money for: exclusive ringtones, menus and content... they may not be on any other handset but it's still hard to care.