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New iPhone apps offer shaving, lies and farts

iPhone - a laugh riot
iPhone - a laugh riot

For those looking to indulge their childish side, the latest iPhone and iPod Touch applications on the market include two different kinds of mock shavers, a 'bullcrap detector' and three different ways of generating fart noises.

A whole raft of joke applications made an appearance on Christmas Eve, but it was gaseous release that got the most attention.

iFart Machine 1.0, Whoopee Cushion 1.0 and The Fartbox 1.0 all bubbled up (sorry) whilst two virtual shavers appeared within ten minutes of each other.

Shave and haircut?

Older by a hair (groan) the free LBX shaver got an update to 1.1, before a paid-for rival 'Cult Shaver' turned up.

Last, and probably least, you could splash out on the bullcrap detector which will offer literally seconds of fun by telling you if someone is lying to you.

Of course if paying money for an app that essentially rolls a dice isn't your thing, you can always pretend to shave with your phone or let off some virtual gas.