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i3G power station offers portable iPhone recharge

Plug-in baby!
Plug-in baby!

Thumbs Up UK has unveiled a portable plug in USB charged battery pack to give your iPhone an extra charge when you are running low on juice.

The i3G Power Station can be charged in advance with the normal iPhone / iPod USB cable charger and can then give you a much needed boost for those times when your battery dies a death.

Thumbs Up claims that the i3G Power Station can give up to 250 hours extra standby time, up to five hours talk time or up to 20 hours extra music playback.


We're assuming that those times are for the iPod and not the power hungry iPhone 3G (especially if your office happens to sit right on the edge of an open WiFi network).

The battery is a Li-ion polymer and, actually, we at TechRadar think it looks like a pretty cool little accessory for the iPhone/iPod aficionado.

Bad news is – it weighs in at a not-inconsiderable £30.