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Amazon: No announcement on UK Appstore

Amazon Appstore - not coming to a website near you soon
Amazon Appstore - not coming to a website near you soon

Amazon has explained to TechRadar that its Android Appstore will remain inaccessible to people in the UK for now, with no news on global launches for the store.

Interest is high in the Appstore, with Apple opening legal proceedings over the use of the name and movie/gaming hybrid Angry Bird Rio launching on the store.

However, UK people trying to access the store will be redirected back to Amazon's home page, with Amazon telling us that there was no news on when that would change.

Global business

"We are launching now in the US, however we are a global business and we will continue to evaluate opportunities to do what's in the best interest of our customers," said a spokesperson.

"At this time, we have not announced plans on international launches."

Amazon has attracted criticism in the past for its narrow focus on its dominant US market, particularly over the celebrated Kindle ebook reader.

And the decision to limit access to the Appstore is likely to prove another unpopular move for the retail giant.