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Video: Top 10 free iPad games

Aurora Feint - makes into top 10
Aurora Feint - makes into top 10

TechRadar's list of the top 40 best free iPad games has been a massive hit – so we're celebrating with an exclusive video running down the top 10 best free iPad games.

The likes of Bub Wider, Aurora Feint and (old skool)


are all included in the top 10, along with

Dizzypad HD


Escape – Norm's World XL


But it is Air Hockey Gold that is given the TechRadar plaudits and number one slot – with the funky two player game praised by the reviewers.

So, check out our exclusive video run-down of the top 10 free iPad games, and if you like what you see you can check out the rest of the list in our Top 40 best free iPad games feature.