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The latest iOS 9.3 update might brick your older iPad


If you have an older iPad, you might want to steer clear of the latest iOS 9.3 update.

According to numerous reports, it appears that after installing the new update, some users are receiving an authentication error message when they try to activate their iPad, leaving the tablet bricked and unusable.

The iPad 2 in particular seems to be having issues with the update, with users flagging the issue to the Apple Support Twitter account and posting on Apple's Support Communities pages.

While there are suggestions on how to fix problems with activation after installing the update, unfortunately, this fix hasn't worked for some users.

Apple hasn't offered up its own fix yet or officially commented on the issue, though the company's support arms are at least aware of the problem.

In response to users asking for help on Twitter, Apple Support asked individuals to send details on the problem as well as what methods they've tried to fix it via DMs.

For now, if you have an older iPad, it may be best to wait until Apple fixes the issue before you update to iOS 9.3. If you do attempt the update, at least back up your iPad to iCloud or your computer before you try, just in case something does go wrong.