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Amazon's Silk browser en route to other devices?

Amazon's Silk browser en route to other devices?
Amazon Silk - browsers have never been so, er, silky

Amazon has been on a URL shopping spree, splashing out on over 500 new domain names to add to its arsenal - including among them, and

Catchy dot coms they may not be, but the new URLs certainly suggest that Amazon's Kindle Fire browser, Silk, could be making its way on to other devices in the future.

It's no guarantee - Amazon may just be babysitting the domains so no one else can nab them, particularly given that the purchases were made through MarkMonitor, a brand protection agency - but it's an interesting proposition, and one that makes a modicum of sense.

Silky smooth

Announced yesterday, Silk is currently only on the Kindle Fire tablet, and uses a nifty combo of caching and the cloud to make web browsing super speedy and less power intensive for the tablet itself.

If these new URLs are to be believed, we could see this web capability come to other Android tablets and smartphones, as well as to the desktop PC and Mac computers.

For the time being though, we'd settle for Amazon to bring Silk to the UK on the Kindle Fire - a UK release date and pricing is nowhere to be seen.

Via Fusible, SlashGear