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Samsung Q320 laptop is 'ideal portable choice'

Samsung Q320 boasts impressive design
Samsung Q320 boasts impressive design

The folks at What Laptop have been lucky enough to get an exclusive hands-on with Samsung's latest laptop, the Q320.

Although they haven't had the opportunity to benchmark the machine – which we reported on back in March – the 'Centrino 2 powered' portable computer seems to have made something of a lasting impression.

Widescreen viewing

Of note is the computer's screen. The 13.4-inch 1366 x 768 display goes right to the edges and, as it is 16:9, watching movies on it is a must.

The What Laptop reviewer was also impressed with the design of the computer, saying that "the plastics are all tough and a matt finish gives it a tactile feel."

They also noted that the Q320 "looks like an ideal choice for the portable worker."

The Samsung Q320 is out now and costs around £670. For more on it, point your browser to