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Dell Adamo impresses in review

Adamo - one of the more stylish Dell computers

The Dell Adamo has arrived, and left the editorial team on What Laptop effusive in their praise.

The Adamo is one of the most anticipated Windows laptops around, bringing the slimline look and style that has previously been the domain of Apple MacBook Air users.

What Laptop's Philip Barker told TechRadar that he was impressed with the amount of technology cramed into the super-slim body, adding: "Build quality is staggeringly good, and the Adamo's style has more in common with a fine watch than a regular laptop.

WinBook Air?

"The chassis is constructed exclusively from aluminium, and the result is one of the toughest yet most stylish machines available"

"Even the touchpad and mouse buttons are made from aluminium, and the clean design sees all the screws hidden, with no removable vents or stickers anywhere on body"

You can read more of our fellow Future publication What Laptop's review of the Adamo over on its site.