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CES 2007: Asus helps laptop gamers

When we saw this kit on Asus' stand, we were flabbergasted. It's a very cool-looking device, but it took a few minutes for the chap to explain exactly what it is.

And it's a....external graphics card for laptop gamers. Yep, you heard it right. But Asus just might be onto something good here. Could we soon see LAN parties using ultraportables?

The XG station is equipped with Express Card which enables you to connect to your laptop, USB 2.0 and Dolby headphone technology. Inside the XG station is a standard PCI Express slot.

According to Asus, "the device also conveniently accommodates future graphics technology such as HDCP and HDMI." The display on the device also shows your GPU clock speed and FPS (Frames Per Second) information.

HD Media Center

Also announced was the Asteio D22 Media Center will record and play back footage up to 1080p. Asus also cites impressive noise levels of just 26dB from the Core 2 Duo-based box.

Asus also has gaming notebooks to show at CES. The G1 and G2 have 15.4-inch and 17-inch widescreens respectively. Then there's new 7600 GT/HDTI graphics cards, which support 1080p signals over the integrated HDMI output.