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Buy one of our PCs and go green, says Dell

Michael Dell has previously launched other green initiatives

Dell has proudly announced it is the "first major" computer manufacturer to become Carbon Neutral. However, it won't be immediately. The company says it will "commit to neutralising the carbon impact of its worldwide operations."

This isn't the first time Dell has sought to differentiate itself through green policy. At CES in January it was a major theme of Michael Dell's otherwise dull keynote. At the time the corporation launched "Plant a tree for me" where it was possible for computer buyers to pay for trees to offset the carbon emitted in the manufacture of the equipment.

Michael Dell hasn't been slow to see that given the choice between buying a "green" PC and another manufacturer's, more consumers want to choose the former. "Never before in the history of business have we seen such a critical need to build a worldwide community dedicated to improving the environment," said Dell during a policy forum organised by the US Center for Strategic and International Studies.

As at CES, Michael Dell laid down the green gauntlet for other technology companies to join in "a long-term, carbon-neutral commitment to our shared Earth."