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iD Mobile phone deals just got a lot more attractive

We understand that iD Mobile may not be the first name you think of when you're on the search for you next mobile phone deal, but Carphone Warehouse's budget-friendly network frequently has superb prices on flagship handsets such as the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

And now it has added three extra strings to its bow. Until this week, you had to make a choice between three tariff options: Capped Plan, Data Rollover or Roam Like at Home. But the new rules regarding EU roaming charges mean that iD Mobile has taken the opportunity to carry out a 'Tariff simplification - all three are now available on every iD plan, including its superb SIM only deals.

Check out our below comparison chart to see exactly how cheap you can get some of the most popular phones on the market with iD Mobile. And below that, we explain a little more about iD and what the tariff simplification means for you.

iD Mobile deal benefits

Data Rollover It may well be a first world problem, but isn't it irritating when you get to the end of a month and you find that you've used a GB or two less than your limit. It just feels like you're paying for something you haven't used. iD Mobile was the first UK network to allow customers to roll over any unused data from one month to the next for free. An end to wasted data!

Bill Capping If you're the other kind of mobile user - the kind that gets eyes bigger than your data belly - then iD's bill capping is a great way to put a stop to horrific monthly bills. All customers can now set their own spending limit when it comes to their monthly bills, helping to prevent bill shock, no matter whether that’s at home or abroad. You can adjust, track and manage your cap, via the iD Mobile app.  

EU Roaming It's now enshrined in EU law that mobile networks must let you use your data, texts and minutes without extra charge in all EU countries. But iD has gone an extra step, allowing you to ‘Roam Like at Home’ in 50+ worldwide destinations instead of the required 28. It includes Australia, the US and, yes, Kazakhstan. You can see the whole list of countries covered here.

Who is iD Mobile?

The iD Mobile network is an MNVO, or Mobile Virtual Network Operator. If that all sounds a little Terminator-ish, fear not. It's a way for smaller companies to piggy back off the coverage of one of the 'Big 4' networks. In this case, iD uses the Three network.

iD is owned and run by Carphone Warehouse, which remains one of the biggest mobile phone retailers in the UK.