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Panasonic shows off wireless home HD

Panasonic Viera
Panasonic showed off an impressive wireless HD home theatre

10 years from now, there can be little doubt that one or more of a slew of media-centric wireless technologies will have exterminated those rats' nests of cables currently found behind most TV sets, but which tech will win out?

One that is already looking good is currently on show at the CEATEC expo near Tokyo and can be found at the massive Panasonic booth there.

Full 1080p

The company's WirelessHD demo hooks up a Blu-ray deck with a plasma Viera television to beam uncompressed 1080p video across a 60GHz link at up to 4Gbit/s.

In all honesty, the numbers might mean little but the point is the link can handle enough data without having to compress high-bandwidth HD video.

Nintendo tie-up

Had compression been necessary, everything from stuttering to quality loss would have come into play.

Panasonic says it will have the WirelessHD gear on sale within a year and that it will also be producing a dongle to integrate Nintendo's Wii into the wire-free set-up.