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Have your first Audible audiobook on the house with Amazon Echo

Been looking painfully at that heavy, untouched copy of War and Peace, but just can't bring yourself to lug it around with you for the next six months? If you're the owner of an Amazon Echo, there may be an alternative for you.

Amazon, which also owns audiobook company Audible, is letting owners of its Echo speakers listen to one audiobook of their choosing for free through the smart device.

You can pick any book currently on the Audible service and have the Echo read it aloud for you in its entirety – providing you've not already previously subscribed to the service or used another taster offer for the listen-a-long app.


If you're not particularly bookish, Amazon will let the Echo pick a popular new book for you, letting you get up to date with the latest bestseller that everyone's talking about.

For Amazon, its dominance in the audiobook space is about to be tested by Google, which has just started selling audiobooks on its Play store, ready to be paired with a Google Assistant speaker.

Should you want to keep up with Audible after you've given that first free book a go, there's a monthly subscription fee of £7.99 / $14.95.