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Google Chrome now uses the Windows 10 Notification Center

Google Chrome

From today, Chrome users will start to see notifications from their web browser in Windows 10's Notification Center. They'll look just like Windows' own notifications, and will appear in the Action Center alongside messages from the operating system and apps from the Microsoft Store.

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It's small change, but it could be very handy because it means Chrome will respect Windows' global notification settings, including Focus Assist, which disables notifications during certain periods to stop you being distracted.

Get the update now

Google is rolling the change gradually. Half of Chrome 68 users will get the update immediately, and the rest will receive it over the coming weeks. Want it now? Go to chrome://flags, search for 'native notifications' and select 'Enabled' from the drop-down menu, then relaunch Chrome.

If you prefer Chrome's in-browser notifications, it'll be possible to deactivate the option through the Settings menu. Google is currently working on redesigning these notifications too – possibly using its Material Design guidelines.

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