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Get a Logitech video monitor camera for better than half price this Black Friday

If you’ve been thinking it’s time to make your home a little smarter, Black Friday could be a good time to start, especially since you could get a smart video monitor for better than half price in Amazon’s Black Friday sale. 

The Logitech Circle portable video monitoring camera usually costs £159.99 but the price has been slashed by 57% to just £68.99. Well, as long as you’re willing to accept the white version as the black version is still marked at full price for some reason.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, Amazon’s also taking £15 off spends over £60 in the Baby Store which can be used to bring the camera’s price down to an even more appealing £53.99.

It might be part of Amazon’s Baby Store, but the Logitech camera is as much a home security monitor as it is a baby monitor. 

Placing the camera at a central point in your home such as the hallway will give you access to a constant Live Stream on your phone and thanks to its built-in motion sensors the camera will be able to send alerts to your smartphone when unexpected activity takes place in your home.

You can find our full review of the Logitech Circle camera right here

Multiple cameras can also be set up around your home and connected, giving you a view of more than one area through one smartphone. 

Considering you’re able to purchase two of these cameras for the price of one usually costs thanks to the Black Friday sale, this could be the time to start your Mr Burns inspired home surveillance operation. You just have to purchase the hounds now.