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Gamesplanet’s Black Friday deals for PC gamers includes 50% off Wolfenstein II

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It’s Black Friday, and naturally the deals are coming thick and fast, with Gamesplanet getting in on the action and providing plenty of tempting discounts for PC gamers.

So what’s on offer, exactly? Here are the highlights of the best games on the planet (did you see what we did there?) which are currently cut-price.

50% off Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (opens in new tab)
Bethesda’s first-person shooter is a slick slice of action gaming which has been very well received, and a Steam key is now half-price at £19.99.

50% off The Evil Within 2 (opens in new tab)
If survival horror is your bag, then you shouldn’t miss this offering, again from the Bethesda stable. It’s also a half-price Steam key at £19.99.

24% off Destiny 2 (opens in new tab)
The massively multiplayer online shooter is back and even better, particularly when a quarter has been lopped off the price, with a key reduced to £33.99.

17% off Assassin’s Creed Origins (opens in new tab)
The freshly unleashed latest instalment of Ubisoft’s famous franchise is the best Assassin’s Creed outing in quite some time, and a Uplay key has now been cut to £41.49.

53% off Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (opens in new tab)
Fancy a fix of footy, but don’t want to go the FIFA route? The good news is that PES 2018 has been slashed down to £25.99.

25% off South Park: The Fractured but Whole (opens in new tab)
The first adventure starring the South Park kids was a hit, and this sequel is even better – particularly considering the Uplay key has been reduced to £37.49.

Some of these deals are only valid for a few hours, so make sure you act fast! Others will carry on to next Wednesday (November 29).

Meanwhile, if you’re after more PC gaming bargains, then you should definitely check out Steam’s Autumn Sale which has another shed-load of discounts on the boil, including a whopping 60% off Dark Souls III (so it’s now £15.99).

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