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Earliest surviving Nikon sells for over $400,000

It's over 65 years old, it doesn't shoot raw, there's not even a rear screen – let alone a touchscreen – and there's no Wi-Fi connectivity. But this beautiful Nikon One rangefinder has just sold for a staggering €384,000 – that's just nudging past $400,000 / £325,000, and a world-record price for a Nikon camera.

What makes it so special is the fact that this is the oldest surviving Nikon camera in the world. Made in 1948, it's inscribed with the words 'Made in Occupied Japan'.

The camera went under the hammer at auctioneer's WestLicht Photographica Auctions. It comes complete with a lovely 2/5cm Nikkor-H lens – which just happens to be the eleventh ever made – and while it's not quite in mint condition, there's not much to complain about when it comes to signs of wear and tear; it even has its original shutter mechanism, and the rare ever-ready case it was originally sold with.