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Apple launches iPhone Game Center

The iPhone Game Center
The iPhone Game Center

Apple has upgraded its gaming experience on the iPhone with the new release of the 4.0 firmware to include social networking.

The new Game Center will allow you to invite friends to games right from your phone, as well as 'match-make' you with others when you have nobody to play with.

The iPhone Game Center will use achievements, much like those on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, as well as global leaderboards to help you track your high scores with other player by default.

Better than all the rest

Apple couldn't resist the chance to dig at the competition in the mobile gaming space, pointing out that it has over 50,000 titles available for the platform, where the PSP has 2,477 and the Nintendo DS 4,321.

We're not sure that this will be debuting with the release of the new firmware, as Jobs promised this feature would be coming later this year.

Still, it shows Apple is still viewing the iPhone as a real competitor in the gaming space, and making it easier for others to play against one another could be a real boost for the platform.