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'World's fastest': Samsung's 20x DVD writer

Samsung claims the new SH-S203B is the world's fastest 20x DVD writer

Samsung has launched a 20x DVD writer it claims is the world's fastest.

The new model, dubbed the Samsung Super-WriteMaster SH-S203B , writes 20x DVD±R, 16x DVD R DL and 12x DVD-R DL. It supports most formats including DVD-RAM, written with 12x speed.

Samsung claims that the SH-S203B will write a 4.7GB DVD±R disc in 4 minutes and 38 seconds. Writing to a DVD is slower than a CD; a speed of 1x for a DVD works out to about 9x for a CD. A 20x DVD speed thus equals around 180x for writing a CD - or 26.42Mbps to be exact.

However, you're unlikely to notice a massive difference between 16x and 20x speeds. It's only the outer tracks that are ever going to reach the top speed. And if you don't fill up the whole DVD you won't achieve the fastest speeds. If you write onto a 20x-supported DVD, the maximum time gain is around one minute.

Samsung could not confirm availability dates for the UK for this product.