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Samsung officially releases sub-£500 4K display

Samsung UD590
Samsung UD590

It was initially unveiled at CES earlier this year and now you will be able to buy the Samsung's UD590 4K monitor from 1st June 2014 from Overclockers for a penny under £500.

The UK retailer will be the exclusive launch partner with others such as Ebuyer and Insight getting it four weeks later.

Another retailer, M4Store, sells it for as little as £463 including delivery, making it the cheapest 4K monitor in the country, even cheaper than the AOC model launched yesterday.

Samsung will also ship a free copy of award-winning game Watch Dogs with the monitor till the 31st of July 2014, a PC-only freebie worth £35.

PIP bliss

Like all other sub-£500 4K monitors on the market, this one comes with a TN panel which can display more than one billion colours. It has a response time of 1ms and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

As expected, the refresh rate for Displayport hits 60Hz while HDMI stalls at 30Hz. Compared to the AOC model though it lacks portrait-mode capabilities, a VESA mount, speakers, a couple of legacy ports (it has two HDMI and one DisplayPort ports) and a USB hub.

There's also a useful picture-in-picture feature that allows two computers connect to the UD590 simultaneously; each getting half of the native resolution (i.e. 1920 x 2160 pixels).