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Asus teases a graphics supercharger for laptops

Asus ROG XG Station 2

Boosting the power of a gaming laptop with an external desktop GPU is something multiple computer manufacturers have been playing around with. But so far, it's been only limited to very few models like the MSI GS30 Shadow and Alienware 17.

Now Asus has introduced the ROG XG Station 2, a new external graphics solution designed specifically to work with its notebooks. The press release is pretty bare on details except to say "a custom interface that lets notebooks harness the power of desktop graphics cards to significantly boost gaming performance."

Given that the both the Alienware 17 and MSI GS30 were able to leverage the power of a full-sized GPU through a custom PCI-express connection, it's likely the XG Station utilizes the same sort of technology. Alternatively, a USB C cable with Thunderbolt 3.0 support would be able to push out just as much data.

We'll have more details on how it works and hopefully get a list of machines that it will work. Asus has yet to announce pricing or availability.

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