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Dell to take on iTunes?

Iron Man souring on to a Dell near you
Iron Man souring on to a Dell near you

Dell has come up with an interesting marketing push for its computers. It is offering a digital copy of Iron Man pre-installed on itss Inspiron, Studio and XPS laptop and desktop models.

iTunes rival?

So far Dell has only got Paramount on board for this novel approach to digital distribution. Some are predicting, however, that this is the start of Dell's much-rumoured digital store, where the company will offer digital content for use on its PCs.

This would mean the company would be taking the likes of iTunes head-on, using the PC as a media-playing device, rather than an iPod.

Speaking about the link-up with Paramount, Rachna Basin, director of content for Dell's global consumer group, told Reuters: "The key focus here is to lead off our slow immersion into content as a major piece of the puzzle in terms of what consumers want from a PC."

Record breaker

Iron Man may turn out to be a good choice for Dell as it has just been announced that the Blu-ray disc of the film has become the fastest-ever seller for the format.

Sales were unconfirmed, but director John Favreau mentioned in an interview – which has been posted on YouTube – that the film had already broken all records.