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Amazon’s Dash buttons are 99p with £4.99 of credit for today only

Amazon’s basically giving away money today, with its one-click-to-buy Dash buttons reduced to 99p until 11.59pm tonight – and each one comes with £4.99 of credit for you to splurge. 

Sounds great, right? Well there is a catch – you have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber. That means a £79 per year (or £7.99 per month) subscription to take advantage of this Dash button offer.

Then there’s the risk you’ll become addicted to the little pressy buttons and end up ordering so much Ariel, Finish and Pay-Doh you’ll run out of space (and money). 

In total there are 48 different brands with a Dash button, with other household names including Andrex, Gillette, Whiskas, Kleenex, Pedigree and Durex all offering instant purchases of some of your most used items.