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Amazon Alexa's newest skill: announcing out-for-delivery packages

The 10,000-plus skills of Amazon Alexa range from making phone calls to ordering pizza, but now the digital assistant is getting yet another skill just in time for Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Echo speakers will soon receive an update that has Alexa tell users when their latest Amazon purchase is out for delivery, according to The Verge.

While Alexa has always been adept at making Amazon purchases and tracking your order (it is made by Amazon, after all), the update gives Echo users in particular the option to have their smart speaker's LED ring light up yellow when a package is on its way.

Of course, Alexa won't know the exact minute you should run out to your mailbox, but with Amazon Prime Day coming up on July 11, we imagine plenty of Echo users will take advantage of this new feature to remind them of all the goodies they couldn't keep themselves from buying.