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A third of Europeans still haven’t returned their Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 mop-up continues – but a third of owners in Europe are still to return their potentially dangerous devices to Samsung.

Samsung has revealed it has replaced or refunded two thirds of its customers orders, and those who still own the phone in Europe are soon to receive a software update that limits the phone to 60% of its charge.

It’s hoped this will drive more owners into giving up their device, and ensure that those who are hanging on to their Note 7's are safer.

Just give it back

Australia and South Korea previously saw the update that limited phones to 60% of the full Note 7 battery capacity.

Some users have noticed that there's a way to get around this in the Settings, and allow their phones to charge to 80% – but don't do this.

It's not a sensible course of action, and if you still haven't returned your Galaxy Note 7 you should do so soon, while Samsung is still offering a full refund or an alternative Galaxy device.