LG's next-gen OLED TVs will get a nice gaming upgrade to match Samsung TVs

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With just weeks to go before CES 2024, details of some new TVs are beginning to leak – and those TVs include the 2024 OLED TV range from LG. If AMD's FreeSync database is accurate, it looks like we can expect at least one gaming improvement in the next-generation OLEDs, which are almost certainly going to be called the LG B4, LG C4 and LG G4.

According to the database, the LG C4 and LG G4 will support 144Hz VRR over HDMI. That's up from 120Hz in the current models. It's not relevant to games consoles – the PS5 and Xbox Series X don't support 144Hz – but it's good news for PC gamers with one of the best 4K graphics cards to take advantage of it. It also will bring LG's TVs into parity with Samsung's TVs, which already largely support 144Hz refresh rates.

How did the LG OLED TV details leak?

It looks like AMD hasn't kept its certification database as secret as manufacturers would like. According to FlatpanelsHD, the certification database was updated with details of FreeSync Premium certification in September and October for the 48, 55 and 77 inch models. Those models are currently listed in the database with 40Hz to 120Hz VRR for the B4, the same for the QNED85 LCD TV, and 40Hz to 144Hz for the LG C4 and G4 TVs. As you might guess from where this leak occurred, we also expect AMD FreeSync support, but the best LG TVs already have that, whereas the 144Hz support is new.

Faster refresh rates are only part of the picture for LG's 2024 OLED TVs. Korean media reports say that there's a major new generation of LG's excellent Alpha video and audio processor coming too, labelled Alpha 10 and boasting a powerful neural processing unit. 

One huge question is whether the much-improved MLA OLED currently used in the LG G3 will once again be reserved for the G range, or whether it will appear in the LG C4. We'd bet on it being exclusive to the G4, but we live in hope – the C4 will definitely need something to help it beat the successor to the Samsung S90C, our TV of the Year award winner.

We'll find out more about these TVs and get our chance to see them in person at CES in January, no doubt.

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