A 65-inch mini-LED TV for under £1,000 and it's not even Black Friday yet? Yes please, TCL

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TCL has launched its latest 4K mini-LED TV, the C805, in the UK. Available in a wide array of sizes, from 50-inch up to a giant 98-inch screen, the TCL C805 will be available in the coming weeks in a variety of retailers.

The most eye-catching aspect of the C805, other than its range of sizes, is its price. The TCL C805 will be priced as follows:

  •  50-inch  - £699 
  •  55-inch -  £799 
  •  65-inch - £949 
  •  75-inch - £1,349 
  •  85-inch - £1,749 
  •  98-inch - £3,999 

Mini-LED TVs use very large numbers of tiny LEDs to improve brightness levels, and this tech can be found in some of the best TVs on the market. The TCL C805 (named the C755 in the US) is part of TCL's 2023 range of mini-LED TVs, which includes the X955, a TV that will make Samsung worried as it promises over 5,000 nits (!) peak brightness, which beats the peak brightness levels of Samsung’s high-end 4K mini-LEDs (or Neo QLED, as Samsung refers to it), such as the Samsung QN90C, which we measured at 1,787 nits. 

TCL says the C805 will have a peak brightness of 1,300 nits, which would beat more premium mini-LEDs such as the Samsung QN85C, but doesn’t reach the heights of the Samsung QN90C. In terms of other features, the TCL C805 has 144Hz refresh rate, putting it up there with the best gaming TVs. It also features IMAX Enhanced capabilities, meaning any source such as streaming or 4K Blu-ray with IMAX Enhanced compatibility will be processed in its best possible quality by the TCL C805. 

The new affordable mini-LED king? 

Whilst we don’t have all the specs and haven’t got our hands on the TCL C805 (yet – we'll get this reviewed ASAP), it’s hard not to be charmed by its prices. £949 for a 65-inch TV is a fair price anyway, but for this to also be a mini-LED with 144Hz refresh rate? It’s almost a no-brainer, especially for gamers. Even in the larger sizes, prices are competitive. The giant 98-inch version of the TCL C805 is under £4,000, which rivals most of the best OLED TVs at their 75-inch+ size! 

TCL has always been one of the go-to brands for big-screen, big-value TVs, such as with the release of its ridiculously cheap 98-inch TV, the P745, which is priced at £2,400. But it’s great to see that alongside going big, TCL is making mini-LED technology more accessible, with the 55-inch version of the TCL C805 priced at £799. This is competitive with standard LED and QLED screens from companies such as LG, Samsung and Sony – mini-LED from these companies costs a lot more.

With Black Friday just around the corner, it wouldn’t be surprising if the TCL C805 featured as one of the best Black Friday deals – with its launch price being so low anyway, any discounts would make the C805 an absolute steal. Looks like I’ll need to keep an eye out as I could be investing in a new TV sooner than I thought…

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