The irresistible OnePlus Pad has just hit its lowest price this year

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The OnePlus Pad is a bargain of a tablet at its regular price, but it’s even cheaper today. Right now, the OnePlus Pad at OnePlus is $399.99 (was $479.99). We loved our time with the OnePlus Pad declaring it as defying “tablet history” by not costing more than its predecessor and still remaining good for the price.

The $80 price drop means the OnePlus Pad has hit its lowest price since Black Friday which is great to see ahead of the Memorial Day sales later this month. We haven’t seen the OnePlus Pad drop lower than $399.99 with the price often staying around the full MSRP instead. It’s easily one of the best value tablet deals at the moment and well-suited for someone looking for a tablet rather than laptop replacement.

Note that the official OnePlus store also runs an excellent trade-in program that you can use to drive that price down even further. Right now, you can trade in any device in any condition to get $50, although rebates can reach up to several hundreds of dollars depending on the value of your device. You can, technically, get your OnePlus Pad for free with a trade-in - although you'll need to have a pretty nice device ready to hand over.

Today’s best OnePlus Pad deal

OnePlus Pad: now $399.99 at OnePlus

OnePlus Pad: was $479.99 now $399.99 at OnePlus
Hitting its lowest price ever again in the US, the OnePlus Pad is a bargain tablet. At this price, you might expect mediocre performance but instead, you get an impressive mix of features with a great screen, good battery life, and a cool look to boot too. The OnePlus Pad particularly excels for browsing the internet, providing entertainment, and simply being a fun addition to your tech arsenal.

We found the OnePlus Pad to be great to use around the house. It has an attractive 11.61-inch 7:5 display which is perfect for watching shows on such as while you’re cooking or simply relaxing. Its processor is a little old being the late-2021 MediaTek Dimensity 9000 but that won’t affect web browsing or streaming. It’s only an issue if you’re looking for one of the best Android tablets to replace your laptop. 

Instead, focus on streaming and you’ll be happy. It supports the Dolby Vision HDR standard that Netflix prefers so it’s ideal for this side of things. It also has a good battery life and there's fast charging support so it’s seemingly always ready for action. While many tablets might be focusing on replacing your laptop, this one is all about providing you with plenty of fun without needing to grab your laptop or phone. There's little sign of a OnePlus Pad 2 on the horizon just yet either so you won't have to worry about a new model arriving immediately after you make your purchase.

If you know you want a new tablet, but you’re not sure if the OnePlus Pad is for you, there are plenty of other iPad deals for spending a little more. Alternatively, the current batch of Amazon Fire tablet deals may appeal too in your quest for the best cheap tablet.

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