Apple's 9th-Gen iPad drops to $269.99 in epic back-to-school deal at Amazon

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Who says you need an all-powerful laptop for school projects and homework? This school year, you can cash in on a great back-to-school sale for Apple's M1 iPad Air.

The 9th-gen Apple iPad is now only $269.99 on Amazon for the 64GB version, which is just $20 more than the record-low price we saw during Prime Day. Meanwhile, if you want the 256GB version, that's now only $399 instead of $479. Both versions come in either Space Grey or Silver, which are the more basic color selections. However, considering the discount, a lack of funky colors is a small price to pay versus spending more for flashier ones.

This is easily the best tablet out there right now, and thanks to this price cut, it's even more affordable than ever. So if you need something that can handle everything school throws at it, plus streaming, this is an excellent tablet to invest in.

Back to school iPad deal

9th-Gen Apple iPad (64GB):$329now $269.99 at Amazon

9th-Gen Apple iPad (64GB): was $329 now $269.99 at Amazon
This is one of the best tablets on the market and was already an affordable choice before. But thanks to this 18% price drop, it's even cheaper to invest in and especially great for students. It comes with an A13 Bionic chip, a 10.2-inch retina display, Wi-Fi, and 12MP front/8MP back camera as well.

The 9th-Gen Apple iPad features some great specs for its price point. It has the A13 Bionic CPU with two large high-performance CPU cores and four energy-efficient CPU cores, as well as a 10.2-inch retina display, Wi-Fi support, and 12MP front/8MP back camera.

The only downside is that 64GB, while not a bad amount of storage, is a little low. And the 256GB version is much better but still a bit costly, though you're also paying for the display quality and specs, which most other tablets can't top. 

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