The Lincoln Lawyer is such a big hit that Netflix is renewing it for a third season

The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 announcement
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If you love Michael Connelly's books – which introduced us to the mighty Harry Bosch as well as his occasional friend-cum-foil, Mickey Haller – you'll be glad to know that Netflix has green-lit a third season of The Lincoln Lawyer

There will be 10 new episodes in total on the best streaming service, and where season two was based on Connelly's The Fifth Witness, the third season will be an adaptation of book number five, The Gods of Guilt

Alongside Bosch, Haller is one of the great characters in modern crime fiction so a new season of The Lincoln Lawyer is definitely something to celebrate. And it's a safe bet for Netflix, considering that season two was one of Netflix's top 10 shows in 81 countries.

What do we know about season three of Netflix's The Lincoln Lawyer?

The Gods of Guilt was Connelly's 26th novel and attracted rave reviews when it was published in 2013, according to The Washington Post it's "terrific". The book begins with the titular lawyer Mickey Haller at rock bottom or something very close to it, but then a killer case comes in. He's hired to defend an accused murderer who can afford to pay him fifty thousand bucks up-front. But of course this is a Michael Connelly story so things are not quite what they seem and Haller soon finds himself up to his neck in trouble.

According to Deadline, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo will return in the lead role of Mickey Halley and Becki Newton (Lorna), Jazz Raycole (Izzy), Angus Sampson (Cisco), Yaya DaCosta (Andrea Freemann) and others will reprise their roles.

If you're not familiar with Connelly's books, they're definitely worth a read, and the shows based on them are great too. I subscribed to Prime Video specifically to watch Bosch, which is magnificent, and tuned into Amazon's Freevee for the spin-off series Bosch: Legacy. Both shows are still available and the previous seasons of The Lincoln Lawyer are available on Netflix. And a second season of Bosch: Legacy is due on October 20. I've embedded the trailer below.

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