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Alphonso Labs Pulse review

Pulse makes sure you keep your finger on what's happening, wherever you are

Alphonso Labs Pulse
Now Android users can take advantage of this handy app


  • Good visual interface
  • Easy to use
  • Social network integration


  • Lacks support services such as ReadItLater etc...

Pulse has been around for a while on iPad and iPhone, but as is often the case, poor Android felt left out. Luckily, no longer.

It may not have the same hype as media darling Flipboard, but Pulse is an excellent way of getting a more visual look at your daily news feeds.

Every channel you subscribe to (some are preset, while others can be made by choosing a feed from Google Reader) is displayed as a line of icons based on prominent images in the post, with the title overlaid. To browse through theses you simply drag your finger. To read one, you tap it. It's that easy.

What makes it work so well is the fluidity of the controls, and the way you can see new content at a glance. Open up the application, take a quick skim down, and you don't even have to read the titles to see that there's something new.

There's a good selection of preset feeds available, split by category, as well as the ability to search for particular sites, or 'bump' phones with another Pulse user to copy their feeds to your phone for your later perusal.

As is typical for this type of product, it's not a research tool in the same way as Google Reader itself, but it's still a great way to see exactly what's going on, especially first thing in the morning or during quick breaks.

If you feel inspired to post links to Twitter or Facebook, that's possible, or you can send a link and a very brief quote via any other application you have installed on your phone.

Unfortunately there's no built-in support for services like ReadItLater or Delicious/Pinboard so far.

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