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3D, 1 million:1 contrast ratio Samsung HD TV

Anyone with an HD TV will tell you that when the set is left on without a video signal being pumped into it, the screen isn't black, but looks almost grey from the glow created by its backlighting. Now, in an attempt to make blacks much darker and whites nice and bright, companies are investing huge amounts of cash to create the very best contrast ratio possible.

Samsung's latest 3D plasma not only turns the grey glow to black, but sports a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The 50-inch PAVV Cannes 450 Plasma HDTV will emit very little glow when left on. And the brightest white it can display is 1 million times brighter than its darkest black - a feat that

has yet to be matched by Samsung's competition


3D to boot

The HD TV is 3D-ready and will allow viewers to watch 3D games or movies with the help of special glasses, which will be bundled with the set.

Samsung originally announced the set back in January at CES. It released more details today, as well as offering a few hints on when consumers can expect to see it in stores. The plasma should hit US shelves by the end of the year - with European shores following sometime in 2009 - for an undisclosed price.