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Sonos Alexa support's imminent, according to privacy statement update

Sonos has announced via a blog post that it is updating its privacy statement to include details of how the company handles voice data, implying that its long-promised Alexa support is on the way very soon. 

The content of the privacy statement will be familiar to anyone who's been keeping up with Amazon's voice assistant. Sonos assures its users that it does not store the voice data (it goes straight to Amazon's servers), and that any data shared will be authorised by the user. 

Sonos support for Alexa will provide a big benefit to both the multi-room speakers and to Amazon's voice ecosystem. 

Taking on Chromecast

Although the Amazon Echo currently supports the ability to play music through an external speaker, the functionality lags behind what is offered by rival Google Home, which can be told to play music through any Chromecast Audio's connected to the same network. 

Sonos integration would add similar functionality to Alexa, although only to owners of Sonos equipment. 

No word yet on when the update is due to arrive, but with the privacy statement due to be updated next week it can't be far away. 

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