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Apple may kill the iPad mini next year

iPad mini 3
Is it the end of the line already?

A new report is tolling the bell for the iPad mini, claiming that Apple's smaller tablet will see the end of the road in 2015.

According to Taiwanese media source udn, Apple will discontinue the iPad mini line next year in order to concentrate on the iPad Pro, its rumoured-to-be-larger tablet.

Apple pulled a similar stunt with the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus this year, swapping out its 4-inch flagship in favour of two larger models.

It's been a mini adventure

However, while Apple may quietly kill the mini next year, there might be other reasons behind it. The sources apparently also say that dwindling sales numbers are also to blame.

Plus, Apple probably wants to have a tablet on the market to rival Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, and we'd say the similarities in (rumoured) size are no coincidence.

Naturally, you should take all of this with a large pinch of salt. There's no reason to think that Apple can't have three iPad flavours existing alongside each other, although if it chooses to keep the older minis chugging along too, things could get a little complicated.

Via G for Games