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White Samsung Galaxy S2 official and coming to Three

Finally, now you can see what it looks like
Finally, now you can see what it looks like

You remember when we told you the Samsung Galaxy S2 was getting a white variant? Well, it's only gone and got all official!

That's right, Samsung has issued a press release with words like 'incredibly' and 'stylish' to what it describes as its 'whitest smartphone' - surely the Galaxy Mini might have something to say about that?

Word on the mobile street says that the new colour variant of the phone will be landing across 'all major networks and retailers from 1 September'.

Three number one

Three is the first to blink in issuing a press release on the subject, offering the 'new' phone at a snippity-snip price of £30 per month.

Oh, you can also get the phone for a penny under £499.99 on pay as you go if you don't want to be tied down to all that contact malarkey.

Samsung is following a growing trend of making things white, the list of which includes: bears, walls, Power Rangers and paper (for those that remember, Papyrus was a pile of crap compared). And all those things were MASSIVE in their own fields.