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Verizon hit by nationwide data outage

Verizon data customers are experiencing outages across the US

Verizon Wireless customers across many parts of the United States have been left with little or no 3G and 4G connectivity, following a mystery data outage.

Customers in California, Washington D.C., Florida and New York are among those affected by the service interruption, according to Verizon's support forums.

Verizon is yet to officially acknowledge the fault, which is reportedly also affecting users in Ohio, Nevada, Illinois and Pennsylvania, and have declined to issue comments to the media.

No statement

The Verge blog spoke to a support representative who confirmed the mobile internet outage, but could offer no timescale for a fix.

The problems will come as a another embarrassing blow to the carrier which, just two weeks ago, suffered similar problems with its 4G LTE network.

On that occasion 3G data wasn't thought to be affected, but this time both 4G and 3G users look to be suffering.

Via: TechCrunch, The Verge