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Spotify to get iPhone app refresh

Spotify for iPhone - update coming
Spotify for iPhone - update coming

Spotify is about to release a key update for its iPhone – with scrobbling a key addition for the mobile service.

The update is 'coming soon' according to the Spotify blog, suggesting that those interested should keep checking back over the coming weeks.

Update desire

"It's been a little while since we first released our iPhone app to the public and many of you have been wondering when you're going to see an update," blogged Spotify.

"Well, we're happy to announce that earlier today we submitted a new version to the nice people over at Apple for approval.

"Along with a number of fixes to the app we've added a range of great new features. Those additions include scrobbling, the ability to open and play Spotify links and support for lower bitrate streaming (96kbps) for slower connections."

Updates appear to be making it through the Apple vetting process a little quicker these days, so we'll keep an eye out for it arriving.