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Samsung unveiling first Bada phone 14 Feb?

Samsung - teasing us with fun pictures
Samsung - teasing us with fun pictures

Samsung's first Bada phone looks likely to be announced at its press conference at MWC later this month.

Samsung's official 'tipster' account (which was the same teaser site and Twitter feed that built up hype about the Jet) has been posting about the upcoming press conference in Barcelona this Sunday.

In its feed, the site is offering such hints as "Something is glittering in the Ocean" and "We're unpacking a new product Feb. 14th. Activate your thinking caps, everyone!"


It's pretty obvious that this is going to be something to do with Bada (with its Korean translation being ocean, and the majority of promotional material being Bada pictured on the sea).

The first phone running Samsung's Bada platform is likely to be coming in the next few months, and an MWC unveiling is almost certain based on that timeline.

We'll be on site to get one of the first hands on reviews of the first Samsung Bada phones, so keep your eyes peeled and your hands on the mobile tiller (sorry, we're getting lost in this nautical theme...)