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Samsung releases Bada 2.0 SDK, promises three new Waves

Samsung releases Bada 2.0 SDK, promises three new Waves
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Samsung has announced that it is releasing the Bada 2.0 development kit to app makers, with three new Wave smartphones set to launch before the year is out.

Bada 2.0 brings multitasking, Wi-Fi Direct, near field communications (NFC) and voice recognition with it, as well as support for Flash and HTML5 web browsing and apps.

The three new Wave smartphones, of which we'd expect at least one to make it to the UK, will launch with Bada 2.0 and range from premium to entry-level standards.

Long time coming

The last we heard of Bada 2.0 was at the tail end of 2010 when Samsung showed off the OS for the first time.

The company also managed to launch the Samsung Wave 578 at this year's Mobile World Congress and although the handset offered NFC, it was languishing on Bada 1.1.

The release of the SDK and the promise of new phones leads us to suspect that a Bada 2.0 launch is finally imminent. Stay tuned.