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Samsung leaks WinMo handset: The Louvre

The new Samsung Louvre - arty
The new Samsung Louvre - arty

Samsung has leaked yet another mobile phone for imminent release: the Louvre B7610.

A sliding QWERTY effort, this phone has a 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen with pin sharp widescreen VGA resolution.

A 5MP camera (presumably with all Samsung's usual camera gubbins such as autofocus, scene selection and auto white balance) is included too, as is the mandatory accelerometer.

Memories, memories

1GB of internal memory can be supplemented by a microSD card up to 32GB, and GPs is making its regular appearance as well.

The even better news is that the 1500mAh battery that's packed onto the i8910 HD is present once more, meaning around two days of use on a normal charge.

The phone does run (unfortunately) on Windows Mobile 6.1, but that should easily move to WinMo6.5 when it debuts later in the year. And we can stop disliking it as much when that happens.

Word is that it will launch in France with Orange as soon as July, which means we in the UK should be seeing it fairly sharpish too.

Via GPS and Co