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OnePlus One is now permanently cheaper

OnePlus One makes limited time price cut permanent
How low can you go?

Last week OnePlus failed to announce the OnePlus 2, instead revealing a week-long discount to its ageing One smartphone.

It initially said the discount would only apply from June 1-7, but the Chinese firm has now confirmed it will be kept at the new price indefinitely.

That means you can pick up the 16GB OnePlus One for just $249, £179, while the 64GB handset is now an attractive $299/£219.

If you've recently purchased a OnePlus One at the higher price you may be feeling a little hard done by, but there's good news here too. OnePlus will refund the difference to anyone who purchased the handset within the last 15 days at the higher price.

When will the box drop?

OnePlus has also partnered with Dropbox to offer a special bundle which gives you a one-year Dropbox Pro subscription and the 64GB OnePlus One for $349, £259.

This bundle will be available from June 10 to those in the US, Canada and the UK, but OnePlus says it's a limited time offer.

Of course you may want to hold off and wait for the OnePlus 2 to launch, which we hope isn't too far away now.