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LG Viewty 2 set to hit UK shelves in June?

The LG Viewty 2 apparently coming soon
The LG Viewty 2 apparently coming soon

LG looks set to reboot the Viewty brand name (although the Viewty 2 isn't the most imaginative of labels) by launching a new handset in June.

The Viewty 2 is set to hit the shelves via Orange in the UK, which has also reportedly nabbed the LG KC910 watch phone, in just a few months time.

Although not technically a smartphone, the Viewty 2 is reported to have 32GB of on-board memory with possible expansion, an 8MP camera and a widescreen touch-sensitive display.

A better Viewty

Other upgrades to the best-selling LG Viewty include GPS, Xvid playback capability (on top of DivX certification again) and a three-inch display.

Quite what makes this the sequel to the Viewty we don't know (surely the likes of the Renoir, with an 8MP snapper and improved spec sheet could have been a likely contender, especially as the public were more likely to remember the Viewty name).

But we'll keep our fingers crossed that this is another improvement in the LG mobile stable, which has been showing signs of a real assault on the mobile market in 2009.