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LG V20 confirmed as one of the first Android 7 smartphones

LG V10

Last year's LG V10 was arguably a more interesting phone than the South Korean company's G4 flagship, offering two screens, two selfie cameras and a phablet-sized main display – and now LG is updating the handset for 2016.

LG has confirmed in a blog post that it will launch the V20 in September. The phone will run Android 7 Nougat software, and will likely be one of the very first handsets to do so.

We were big fans of the LG V10, awarding it four stars and praising it for its strong dual-lens selfie camera, durable design and interesting second screen concept.

G5 sales 'slow'

While the V10 launched in the US and other markets, however, it didn't make it to the UK. LG hasn't yet said whether the V20 will get a worldwide rollout.

Last week LG confirmed that this year's flagship, the G5, hasn't sold as well as the company had hoped. Its official statement on its second quarter financials said: "An operating loss of KRW 153.5 billion (approx $132.1m, £100m, AU$175m) reflected increased marketing expenditures and somewhat slow initial sales of G5 smartphone."