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Google Buzz offered as native iPhone app

Google Buzz on the iPhone
Google Buzz on the iPhone

A new third party application has been created for the iPhone to let users play with Google Buzz on their Apple phone.

Users of the mobile web could use Google Buzz via their web browser before, but now there's an official native app that offers access to the service.

It's a paid for service, coming in at £1.19 to download (with a price hike coming next week when the 'introductory offer' ends).

Look out for lurkers

But for that money, you get geo-location data of nearby iPhone Buzzerers (or whatever the term is) and take part in and start conversations with your fellow Buzzees whenever logged in.

The interface is noted as being "Good and clean, quick and easy to use" according to the user reviews over at the iTunes store - but you'd have to hope that was the case for a new application attempting to offer something better than a free service.

If you're not that bothered about Buzzing just yet (and we'd imagine most of you aren't) then it's probably best to wait a few weeks - surely Google is going to make this a free app as part of the Google Mobile Suite.

Via Mashable