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Bumper Samsung Galaxy S2 sales limit profits slide

Galaxy S2 - bumper sales
Galaxy S2 - bumper sales

Samsung is expected to be named the world's biggest smartphone vendor in the second quarter of 2011, although poor sales of televisions have sliced the company's profits.

Nokia's place at the top of the sales chart is expected to be confirmed as over when the Finnish company's earnings are declared, according to Reuters, with Samsung's quarterly report forecast bringing mixed news.

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 has been an immediate hit for the company, emerging as one of the primary competitors for the all-conquering Apple iPhone, and sold more than 3 million units since its launch in April.

The current prediction is that total sales of the handset could amount to 20 million globally.

Big target

It is speculated that Samsung has sold around 19 million smartphones between April and June, which would be a big step towards the target of 60 million for 2011.

However, sales of computers and televisions have not been as buoyant across the industry, and that means that profits have dropped by a quarter compared to 2010's blockbusting figures.

Samsung's forecast is a profit of 3.7 trillion Korean Won (around £2.17 billion) so still not to be sniffed at, but that's 26 per cent down on the staggering 5.01 trillion Won in Q2 2010.