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Samsung brings the Beat (back)

The Samsung Beat b
The Samsung Beat b

Ah, the mobile phone. A simple communication device, a lifetime companion, or somewhere in-between? Well, Samsung thinks your mobile should give your life more music... but at a reasonable price.

The Beat 's' slider phone and the Beat 'b' candybar are two handsets designed to deliver your tunes in a tiny form factor while keeping your wallet intact.

The Beat b, the lower-end of the two, features EDGE connection, a 2MP camera and a lovely little FM radio to listen to... ooh, we don't know, The Archers on an idyllic Sunday afternoon (if that's when they're on).

The Beat-les

The Beat s looks at the Beat b, and thinks 'Pah! I can do better', unleashing Bang & Olufsen-sourced ICEpower audio processor to give your tunes a little bit of oomph when needed.

Both phones pack the now-standard 3.5mm jack (thank you, mobile phone gods) and stereo Bluetooth capability.

Oh, and stealing a trick from both Sony Ericsson and (now) Apple, there's also a function called 'Motion Control', which is likely to allow the user to shake and flip and do all sorts of things to skip tracks etc.

Coming this month, be prepared to Beat it down to the shops to get your hands on one... (sorry).