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Retina iPad mini production woes may be over

Retina iPad mini production woes may be over
We'll take four!

One minute the Retina iPad mini is choked with production issues that threaten supply, the next everything is fine and it's doing better than the original iPad mini.

The latest chatter from Digitimes' supply chain sources say that the problem of how to pack enough pixels on to the 7.9-inch screen has now been solved.

The abrupt release of the iPad mini Retina has been attributed to this ebb and flow of production.

At first Apple couldn't say exactly when the tablet would hit the shelves, then on November 12 it quietly went on sale without the usual Apple hoopla.

Buy buy buy

Apple Insider says that Apple is now allowing shoppers to buy iPad mini 2s in Apple stores without ordering them online beforehand - a sign that supply is freeing up.

So if you've been fretting that jolly old Saint Nick wouldn't be able to lay his hands on a Retina iPad mini for your Christmas stocking, you may rest a little easier.