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LG lining up a Haswell-powered Surface Pro 3 competitor

Surface Pro 3
Taking on the pack leader

LG is looking to bolster its flagging tablet sales by launching a device with similar characteristics to Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, according to a new report.

According to anonymous LG sources who spoke to CNET, the South Korean tech giant has a convertible Windows 8.1 tablet in the works that doubles up as a laptop when used with its detachable keyboard, which may or may not come with a clickpad for navigation.

It will house Intel's fourth generation Haswell processor, rather than its new Broadwell chip, which may not be such a bad thing going by the Yoga 3 Pro's CPU-related teething problems.

LG is apparently unhappy with mediocre sales of its current tablet line-up, which includes the Tab-Book and the 11-inch Tab-Book 2 that launched at CES earlier this year.

That was followed by the introduction of the Tab Book 11, a beefed-up Android tablet with integrated Intel HD graphics and an Intel Core-i5 Haswell CPU, in July.