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Panasonic announces major Star Wars link-up

Star Wars - Panasonic tie-up
Star Wars - Panasonic tie-up

Panasonic has announced a major link up with the Star Wars brand, which will see the company giving away the original trilogy with selected Panasonic Blu-ray products.

Bundling deals are nothing new in the UK, but the Star Wars Blu-ray release is one of the most eagerly awaiting for the format - and one which is set to finally catapult Blu-ray to the mainstream.

Panasonic has had a long-standing deal with 20th Century Fox, when it comes to Blu-rays. The company was the first to bring Avatar to the UK on Blu-ray - offering the disc as an exclusive deal.

Star wars blu-ray package

While there has been some criticism of exclusive bundled deals, Star Wars is also heading to Blu-ray in the shops, with the complete collection coming out 12 September.

The following Blu-ray players are part of the deal:

  • Blu-ray Players: BDT110, 210, 310, PWT500
  • Recorders: BWT700 and BWT800
  • Blu-ray Home Theatre systems: BTT270, BTT262, BTT370, BTT362, BTT775, BFT800

The promotion period is from 12 September-31 December 2011, while stocks last.

The tie-up with Panasonic was announced at Empire's Big Screen Experience, which is taking place 12-15 August.